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My Coolsculpting Experience

“I have struggled with my saddle bags since I was 13. Most people who know me would know that I have cheered, danced, and exercised and nothing, always there. Nothing has haunted me more than this growing up, in bathing suits you would not catch me dead standing up without a towel or skirt wrapped around my bottom. I am sooo excited 🤩to see these humps starting to disappear after only 6 weeks post treatment, even though I am 8 pounds heavier because I have learned I am pregnant. I still 💙 my results! I am looking forward for my 3 months follow up, because maximum results are at 3 months so it should only get better. Well, if I don’t gain my usual 50 lbs when I am pregnant. I must say there is no Cooler ❄️ way to eliminate stubborn fat. I laidback and watched a movie 🎥 and had my lunch 🥗 and honestly minimal discomfort during massage. I did experience some itchiness post treatment but all worth it for a procedure that permanently eliminates stubborn fat without downtime and without surgery.” - Candy Guajardo, Venus Medspa Certified Coolsculpting Specialist. 

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