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NANO-FRACTIONAL with Radio Frequency


We use Venus Viva, a Skin Resurfacing treatment utilized to repair damage skin and tighten. The Venus Viva precisely creates thousands of microscopic holes(dots) into the skin, targeting pigmentation(melasma), sun damaged skin, wrinkled skin, and/or scarred tissue. This procedure ablates the targeted skin to induce immediate skin tightening, stimulate collagen growth, and produce new healthy skin cells. It is perfectly safe, faster and more effective than fully ablative skin treatments, because the untouched skin helps the healing process. This Treatment can be used on wrinkles all over the face, melasma, acne scars, including eyes for its specialty known as, the Madonna Eye lift.


The Venus Viva may also be used to treat Stretch Marks


*Individual results may vary.

Before & After

*****Results may vary per person

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